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Extended Service Plan


HPI’s Extended Repair & Maintenance Services

Extended Service Plan (ESP) for Priority on Site Parts & Labor Business Hours Service Plan :  

ESP Includes repair or replacement of all malfunctioning system parts including labor costs as described in Warranty Terms Section of the Install Agreement; Includes trip charges and parts shipping costs. This ESP is a normal business hours plan for labor. Parts are covered at any time even if customer orders emergency overtime service at HPI’s prevailing rates.

A prepaid Maintenance Agreement fixes your costs and assures that the system will be kept up by eliminating the need to get approvals from management and the hesitation to call for chargeable service when a minor or major problem arises. Your investment stays up and running from day one. Normal installation warranty is 12 months on new parts from the manufacturer and 90 days on-sit service on all Labor and parts installed by HPI. The subscription is for an initial 36 month period then automatically renews bi-annually. Billed Quarterly in advance unless set-up for Monthly Auto-Pay.