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Career Opportunities in the Electronic Security Systems Industry

HPI is currently looking for (2) full time technician/installers.


The goal of HPI’s management has always been to provide superior customer service through its field team members,  by supplying the training and tools for achieving HPI and personal success through customer satisfaction.

HPI is in a re-growth stage. Once an 18 employee strong company, it merged with a much larger statewide company. HPI is now splitting off and rebuilding its local service team. By joining now, you have the ground floor potential to advance rapidly as others come after you.

HPI Job Descriptions

Technician/Installer Job Description

The Technician/Installer position requires a technical aptitude and some knowledge of construction. It is an in-the-field job that requires a very high degree of trustworthiness, good work habits, organizational skills, reading comprehension skills, the ability to develop good customer relations, and an aptitude for technical problem-solving. We can teach you the industry specific skills you’ll need.

After your 90 day training period, where you will work as a helper with a senior experienced installing technician, you’ll be expected to be responsible for a company truck with the  tools and the parts inventory. You’ll be assigned sole responsibility to wire and rough-in most of the commercial or residential systems HPI offers.

Techs must be able to read and understand system order forms & manufacturer’s installation manuals and/or be able to communicate with the customer, sales rep, system designer, install supervisor or manufacturer to verify all order instructions, customer’s expectations, and effective product placement. Tech must be able to recognize a potential problem in system design or construction and bring it to the attention of the install supervisor in a timely manner to eliminate down time. Tech must also be capable of recording and completing forms detailing installation documentation.

When tech is ready thereafter, as determined by your supervisor and HPI’s Installer Profession Qualifications Form (PQF), tech will be given additional responsibility for trim-out, testing, programming and customer close-out instructions. Tech will qualify on some systems sooner than others due to frequency and level of technical knowledge required.

Starting pay and raises will be commensurate with experience, certifications and performance. An applicant with NICET IV Certifications would start at over $20/hour. An applicant with no industry certifications, limited integrated systems experience, and limited construction knowledge but who has impressed us to expect that applicant will be capable of attaining (in 90 days) independent technician/installer level performance would be hired on at no less than $12 per hour with set goals to earn early pay increases. Higher per hour rates are reserved for technicians meeting and exceeding our basic requirements plus those of experience and certifications.

No one is perfect but the applicant that most closely meets our criteria will be awarded the investment in time and money necessary to train, to develop, and to boost applicant toward career and life’s success. In hiring for the technician/installer position HPI’s basic requirements (see below) must be met, and then applicant’s experience and certifications will be measured against the other applicants. In our interview we would be looking for BASA/FASA certifications (see below); additional industry training (Mfg. Specific, NBFAA, NICET); specific experience (per HPI’s PQF); communications skills and grammar; appearance (cleanliness, neatness etc.); aptitude (basic intelligence, ability to understand and apply concepts i.e.. difference in ac/dc voltage, current drop, current draw, normally open/closed circuits etc.); attitude (positive, polite, courteous, enthusiastic, flexible, “Looks you in the eye”).  Owns reliable transportation and resides within reasonable travel distance to office. Owns or will purchase basic hand tools required to perform duties.


HPI is the right company for your career move:

  • Challenging opportunities: not the same old cookie cutter products over and over.
  • High Tech Industry: high demand, high growth and high skills required.
  • Small Family Run Operation: You won’t get lost in the crowd.
  • Growth: HPI is in the rebuilding stage of a very successful company. Join us now!
  • Better pay: we’re NOT looking for minimum wage employees. We want top performers and team players and we’ll pay top wages commensurate with experience, certifications and performance to get them.
  • Training: Manufacturer’s and HPI sponsored outside & in-house employee training.
  • Tuition reimbursement of approved industry education and certifications for career advancement.
  • Flexibility: Full or part time.
  • Local service area
  • Paid Vacation and Holidays: available after 90 days for full time permanent employees.


As a security company our employees are held to a higher standard:

  • Clean record with no criminal history: fingerprints & criminal history checks will be run. Absolutely no theft related offenses.
  • Good health: for the job applied for.
  • Good driving record (with no more than 2 moving violations in last 3 years on your driver’s license and no major violation in last 5 years (D.U.I., reckless, >20 mph speeding ticket etc.), no more than 2 “at fault” accidents in last 5 years.)
  • Drug screening satisfactorily passed
  • Good communication skills
  • Good work habits – on time, courteous, clean, neat, works well with others


Click below image to download an HPI Job Application you can print, fill-out and return to HPI for consideration. Attach your resume if it answers the education and experience questions on the app.  Email to or to Fax# 800-307-9313; or mail 340 Shore Dr. E.; Oldsmar, FL. 34677.

Technician Application-HPI Employment

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