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Commercial Videofied



Videofied is a Video Verified Monitored Alarm System that requires no internet connection (sends video clips over cell network) or even power. Great for remote construction sites, vacant buildings or vacation homes. A very inexpensive way to keep guard 24/7/365 when you can’t watch over your property or its not cost effective to hire a guard service or house sitter.

Better than a normally blind alarm system and more effective and much, much cheaper than a guard or watchman a Videofied alarm goes straight to HPI’s Central Station dispatcher who can then see the intruder and provide police the information that will get your alarm a priority response. Saving time, getting results!

  • A Videofied system will prevent false alarms by screening out animal and other false triggers
  • Police and you know what to expect when you arrive on the scene.
  • Crimes –in-progress receive higher priority response.
  • Completely wireless quick installation and easily repositioned. No phone lines or power needed.
  • Videofied will lower false alarm fines.
  • Videofied devices are motion detectors with a night vision camera that is built to highly critical standards.
  • Videofied  systems are not a surveillance video system nor are these a simple “ NannyCam” system.  With Videofied cameras, you cannot logon and view a camera. Video is ONLY available when an alarm is triggered.  A  Videofied camera will send a 10 second video clip of what triggered the alarm.
  • See the videos below to learn more:

National Sheriff’s Association President’s Endorsement

Videofied alarms means that HPI’s central station dispatcher is not blindly sending police or you to an unknown alarm. The central station operator  can actually see what triggered the alarm. The central station operator can quickly determine if the alarm is valid and dispatch police immediately without having to make calls to verify with premises and contacts.  Wen the police are told that HPI has verified with  video that an intruder is on the property, the police response is quicker.  The video clip for the alarm is simultaneously sent to  the central station and to the end user to verify the alarm event or to cancel it as a false alarm.

For HPI’s Videofied information flyer click HERE. Call 800-229-6693 for a Videofied estimate for your property today!