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Inspection Services

HPI Security is a leader with code compliant fire alarm and security systems. Our technicians are factory trained and FASA (Fire Alarm Systems Agent) certified by the state of Florida. HPI has provided fire alarm inspection services for more than 25 years.  We also offer an innovative web based solution guaranteed to give you timely device inspection and  maintenance that is fully documented in accordance with regulatory standards. We provide property managers inspections that they can depend on and reports they can understand to make it easier to manage the building.

The problem with most inspection services is that property managers cannot be sure they are getting dependable inspections. They receive very little information in the paper reports. The reports are often difficult to read and understand. Paper reports appear to be less than professionalfor the insurance auditor or fire official checking on your compliance. Most property managers are unaware of how many devices they have in their building, who manufactures them, or when they were installed. HPI’s system uses a web based reporting with barcode tagging of the devices to be inspected.

HPI uses a bar code system to inventory and to identify all devices on a building’s system. Our barcode based data gathering system combines all of the pertinent information needed in an easy to use reporting format.  Property Managers get complete information on each device:  type,manufacturer, model number, location, installation date, test and inspection results. Red flags highlight problems that you can drill down to see. Repairs get ordered and scheduled immediately.

HPI’s web based reporting system is convenient and easy-to-use, flagging problems, and providing easy access to your reports. It provides automatic searches for devices under product recall.   It provides  links to building codes and standards from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), U.L., and OSHA to insure a code compliant inspection.

You can trust inspectors to do their job because each device location in your building has its own unique barcode provided by HPI that is then specifically assigned to your building. The inspector must go to the devices to scan the barcode and prove that the device was inspected by them.

Nothing gets missed.  The results are downloaded to our passcode protected website and reviewed by a manager. Building owners and property managers need to know that the work is actually done, that the contractors they hire to perform inspections in their building are licensed, certified, and insured. You also want them to have the resources, training, and the necessary credentials to provide protection you seek from liability for an inspection report. You get that and more with HPI’s team.