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Managed Access Control Services

Delegate Your Routine Day-to-Day System Administration

HPI Managed Access Control Services delegates to HPI as much or as little of the day-to-day routine management activity such as

  • issuing new credentials,
  • changing user data,
  • deleting users,
  • changing access times and rights,
  • updating door schedules for holidays or special events,
  • assisting locked out users and
  • sending out regular management reports.

You will still have access to the management software but you will not have to do it yourself or incur the expense to train or retrain and in-house employee to perform these tasks for you. This is monthly subscription service (material & repairs not included) based on increments of 100 users and/or 4 doors.

HPI will set-up and teach initial users of the system. The management for the business will be provided with extra cards that can be distributed to new employees. Management then simply emails HPI with the changes and we effect them remotely or deliver the new cards to you as needed. If you need an incident report, simply email or call HPI with your management password and an all activity report will be pulled from the Log.  This information will be emailed to you for the dates and times requested on a one time basis or on a routine schedule as desired.


Additionally, for complete coverage, HPI offers an Extended Service Plan (ESP) for on site parts and labor repair service.  This service is for standard  business hours repair or replacement of system parts including labor costs as described in warranty terms section of the install agreement.

A prepaid maintenance agreement fixes your costs and assures that the system will be kept up and in like new condition by eliminating the need to get approvals from higher ups and the hesitation to call for chargeable service when a minor or major problem arises. An many times HPI will identify a problem remotely through our other monitoring services and just schedule the service ourselves at no cost to you.