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Monitoring of your security system is fully half of your protection. A very important half!

With your alarm system monitoring you get:

  • RAPID RESPONSE: Monitoring assures that you get a rapid response to your emergency (Do you call the police when you hear a neighbor’s alarm? Nobody does. We do!).
  • ACCURATE RESPONSE: Monitoring assures that you get the correct response (Police for intrusions, Firefighters for fires, service technicians for service problems).
  • TIMELY: Monitoring assures that you get a timely response (We respond immediately not when the siren becomes annoying, or you get out of a meeting). Monitoring of your smoke detector(s) can save lives and reduce damage in a vacant home but a faster Fire Department response (Your neighbors will only notice when smoke & flames are pouring out the eves).
  • OVERSIGHT: Monitoring assures that you know what is happening whether you’re home or away. Monitoring allows you to check in on your home or business from home or on vacation over the internet. Just log on to your HPI account through the internet on a PC, Mac or your cell phone!
  • DISCOUNTS: Monitoring of your alarm makes you eligible for commercial building insurance or a homeowners insurance discount through most all insurance companies because it lowers their exposure. Insurance Companies know the $$$ value of a professionally monitored & installed security alarm system!
  • BETTER SERVICE: Monitoring makes our service & repairs more effective. We can see what caused the alarm before coming out and we can bring the right parts and eliminate extra trips (or in many cases save you a service call altogether by servicing your system remotely through your communications module).

    Take a video tour of HPI’s Central Station Partner:

    HPI has partnered with Rapid Response monitoring which provides a U.L. listed and CSAA certified monitoring center in order to provide remote monitoring solutions for security, fire, and life safety applications. This highly certified national central station partnership provides the best-in-class monitoring for HPI customers. Benefits of working with HPI Security for alarm monitoring include:

    • Full redundancy and fault tolerance for monitoring and response
    • Fast and reliable response
    • Multiple notification options based on customer preferences and decision-making policies
    • Immediate access to critical information
    • Remote from the threat of attack or the hurricanes that we face here in Florida
    • Burglar alarm monitoring
    • Fire alarm monitoring
    • Robbery alarm monitoring
    • Tamper alarm monitoring
    • Medical alarm monitoring
    • Power alarm monitoring
    • Business open/close supervision
    • Two-way voice  alarm monitoring
    • Video verified alarm monitoring

    Video Verified Alarm Monitoring promotes

    Priority Police Response

    Benefits of remote video verified alarm monitoring:

    • An Alarm accompanied with a video clip on the dispatcher’s screen verifies that a person has triggered the alarm
    • An alarm dispatched for a police response with report that, “an intruder has been seen on the premises”, makes it eligible for a priority police response.
    • Minimize false alarms and help the police with specific information when there is an alarm
    • Lower operating costs by reducing the number of guards needed by using video to enhance guard patrol
    • Keep track of business activity while away, using internet access to the DVR at their locations.
    • Access to daily activity via the internet and be able to view analytics
    • Designate restricted and tier access to manage the camera system(s)
    • Customized reporting: reports can be created for a wide range of applications
    • View multiple locations at once, Multi- site
    • Solar and battery powered solutions
    • Customized solutions for wireless options
    • Easy to use and manage
    • Video integration of existing analog CCTV with new IP camera systems
    • Cloud based storage options
    • Tiered remote management access
    • Accessible with personal mobile devices
    • Alarm verification