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Access Control


Access Control Systems (using cards, fobs, cell phones, pins, biometrics, etc. (“credential(s)”) are designed to augment and work seamlessly with good physical security (Doors, Gates, Locks, Parking Control, Security Guards, Burg and Fire alarm systems and Video security systems). An access control system simplifies management of access to the building.

Access Control Benefits:

Restricted access can be programmed and changed instantly with the click of a computer mouse to the individual or group (i.e. managers, IT dept., payroll or HR departments, cleaning crew etc.) credential holder by door, day of the week and/or time of the day. No need to retrieve the credential or rekey the locks.

Audit trail of who came and went through each door, and when is a feature unmatched by standard locks. Used to control and track access to Entry doors, Internal Office doors, Computer rooms, Filing Rooms, Stock Rooms, Warehouses, gates and other critical business areas, a computerized door access control system is focused on helping you manage your businesses most critical assets, your employees and visitors.

No need to manually lock and unlock doors (and no risk of forgetting or not properly locking a door) at the beginning and end of business. Doors controlled by an access control system may be automatically unlocked in the morning and locked at night on a schedule, or when the intrusion detection system is disarmed and rearmed.

Standard Door keys can be lost, lent out or duplicated. Keys do not need to be made and distributed to employees or contractors. Credentials (either permanent or temporary) are issued to the respective party, and that is it. An Access Control System eliminates the need to re-key & re-distribute new keys whenever an employee is let go. The potential risk and costs associated with a misplaced or stolen key is significantly reduced.

By adding  access controlled door(s) or gates and issuing authorized persons credentials such as Card Keys, Key Fobs, Patches, NFC Cell Phones or by using Biometric readers (fingerprint, hand, retina or facial recognition):

  • You can assign an individual user’s access to (1) or many door(s) restricted by time of day and day of week
  • You can assign an individual user’s access based on a group level they are assigned (Owner, Manager, Supervisor, Sales Rep, Office staff etc.)
  • You can assign a user’s access to selected doors
  • You can remove a user’s credential from the system with a stroke of the computer mouse
  • An event log entry is create every time a credential is used or attempted to be used at the wrong time or after being fired and removed from the system.
  • Access Control greatly increases your employee’s safety by restricting access to your facility to currently authorized personnel only.

Commercial User’s Benefits

Our Commercial Clients have benefited from the HPI Access Control System installation by

  • Employee peace of mind and increased work environment safety
  • Reduced losses of company secrets, office equipment, supplies, inventory etc.
  • Lower exposure to liability and lawsuit
  • Better & easier management of  key holders
  • Peace of mind after employee terminations
  • Convenience & control of after hours building access or attempts to enter

Property Manager’s Benefits

Our Property Management Clients have told us that their properties have benefited from the HPI Access Control System installation by

  • Better tenant satisfaction and higher feelings of security and safety levels
  • Better appreciation of management’s performance & caring for its residents, tenants and employees
  • Reduced problems with trespassers, prowlers and burglars
  • Reduced vandalism and losses of/to common property decor and equipment, supplies etc.
  • Lower exposure to liability and lawsuit
  • Better management of key holders
  • Peace of mind after employee terminations
  • Easy settlement of tenant’s or resident’s access disputes or accidents
  • Convenience & control of after hours building access or attempts to enter

There are many different types of access control for a business today. HPI Security is you best choice for business access control for small, large, and multi-sight facilities.  We know how the needs of a business can easily change in time to require other additional features. Our trained access control engineering staff knows how to ask the right questions for your business for today and for tomorrow.

Our access control solutions use only the most robust quality products on the market today, such as the Amano and DMP access control systems which are designed to integrate seamlessly with  intrusion system(s) and video security systems.  The HPI Security systems are designed to be forward and backwards technologically capable. HPI Security access control systems are

  • Flexible and easy to use
  • IP internet manageable remotely from your PC or ours (see below) of one or many access controlled sites
  • Capable of remote and tiered management authorization levels
  • Scalable for multi-sites
  • Non-proprietary
  • Installed & programmed by factory trained HPI technicians
  • Tested & vetted access control equipment tested by HPI
  • Manage it yourself or outsource that to HPI. See Managed Access Control for more info.
  • Reliable, professional, follow-up service & repair on extended service plans or time & material rates by an authorized dealer who has been in business over 30 years and properly state licensed for this type of work.

An access control system needs to work flawlessly, every day, and HPI knows how to install the type of professional system your company deserves.